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Head’s blog


Do you believe you have a right to be yourself? I do hope you think so. And if you think this about yourself, then I very much hope you feel this about the people around you. Each of us, as unique individuals, have the right to be ourselves in so far as this does not impede or intrude into the lives of others.

This was the message we were asked to take away from this week’s Chapel service. We were encouraged to reflect on and celebrate the differences between us all whilst also recognizing the importance of our obligations to our community and those who live nearby.

In our Chapel we are able to celebrate the special days of a range of religions practised within our community. We are keen to encourage our pupils to understand that the Chapel, whilst Christian in origin, is a place to learn about those belonging to other faiths, and those with no explicit beliefs. With a community made up of pupils from different religions, home backgrounds and nationalities, we are fortunate to have this rich resource to draw on.

Respect is one of the key pillars which support the Mill Hill School set of values. Respect for those within our community and those outside. This week’s message from Chapel was a timely reminder to us all to ensure we put this into practice.