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Looking to the Future but Learning From the Past

I hope you have had a pleasant week. It has been a particularly busy half term with the inspection visit in January. We hope that the report will be with us a couple of weeks after half term. I think that all the pupils and staff are ready for (and fully deserve) a bit of a rest next week.

Belmont STEM and The Townsend Warner History Prize

We have a number of pupils taking part in the F1 Regional STEM Finals being held in Bracknell today. The children have been working hard on their FI vehicles since September 2019 and I wish them all the very best for today.

We also wish the best of luck to a number of pupils participating in a Vex Robotics competition being held at Fortismere School tomorrow.

Earlier this week, Ishani, a former Belmontian, now at Mill Hill, visited the STEAM & Innovation club to help pupils with ideas for their digital product portfolio. Thank you to Mr Warden, Mrs Van Der Westhuizen, Mr Perrin and Mrs Caldwell for all they do for STEM at Belmont.

A big well done needs to go to all the children who sat the prestigious prep school history competition – The Townsend Warner History Prize. This year we have achieved our greatest number of pupils to get through to the second round, with a fantastic eight pupils sitting the essay-based final round after half term. Well done to all the pupils who took part, good luck to the remaining eight and well done to Mrs Smith as Head of History.

Assembly: Les Misérables and E-safety Week

The children got a real treat in assembly this week when they were privileged to see a song performed by the Year 8 cast from their upcoming musical Les Misérables. Mrs Russo also gave the show some context and talked to the children about the history of the French Revolution. The children were very impressed and I can’t wait to see the show after half term.

The theme for the week has been about staying safe online. As a school, we take pride in our values and feel passionately that every member of the community should be kind and considerate of the feelings of others. We are a school where respect and tolerance are at the heart of what we try to achieve; we celebrate difference and everyone should be able to be the person that they want to be. This environment should be mirrored online and together we should all stand up to unkindness and intolerance. Reverend Warden and Miss Gimpel both reinforced the message in their Chapels this week.

Head’s Commends

  • Aimee 3NH – for going above and beyond and producing some wonderful design and technology work in her own time.

Wishing you all a wonderful half term with your family and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

With best wishes,

Leon Roberts