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I am sure that you have heard enough from me over the last couple of weeks but it feels refreshing to be writing a letter to you that doesn’t mention coronavirus. Despite the unwelcome distraction of the additional challenge it has posed, we have had a cracking week at Belmont. Science Week 2020 Science Week […]

I hope you have had a pleasant week. It has been a particularly busy half term with the inspection visit in January. We hope that the report will be with us a couple of weeks after half term. I think that all the pupils and staff are ready for (and fully deserve) a bit of […]

Assembly: Friendship This week’s theme has been about Friendship and in assembly we spoke to the pupils about what makes a good friend. The children had some great suggestions including being loyal, kind, non-judgmental, forgiving and honest. They said that good friends don’t leave you out and they will still be your friend even when […]

It is wonderful news that the new Sports Hall is now being used by the children. The first group to use it on Wednesday was Year 6 and there were some very excited pupils who gave really positive feedback about their new building. There is still some minor work for the contractors to complete, so […]

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