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Space, Kindness and Co Education

I have noticed a particularly lovely atmosphere in the school since the start of term. The new Year 3 children seem to be settling in well and their behaviour and enthusiasm for learning has been very impressive.

I have also been encouraged by the start made by our Year 8 pupils who are setting the right tone for the other children. Yoel will receive the first Headmaster’s Commend of the year for helping an elderly lady on the bus who was very confused about where she was. Yoel looked after her, helped her to remember where she was supposed to be going and got off the bus one stop early to guide her to her house. We are all very proud of Yoel for this act of kindness outside of school.

Walking around the school at lunchtime on Thursday I got a sense that the children are really enjoying the space around the school. The completion of the Roger Chapman Building has freed up much more room for the children to roam and play. Whether playing table tennis, football, cricket, hide and seek, skipping games or just having a chat, the children seemed so happy as I walked around the site.

One Year 8 girl has been bringing a ukulele into school and other children have been singing along to her playing it in the quad. What I also enjoyed seeing was boys and girls playing sport together. The new cricket nets, generously donated by the FOB, have proved very popular and it was also great to see several girls getting stuck in with the boys playing football. It was a real privilege to witness this natural co-educational environment in action.