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Belmont Community Pulls Together

Teamwork has undoubtedly been a recurring theme of the last few days. Out of adversity a genuine ‘Belmont spirit’ has emerged to dig deep and to keep going despite setbacks. If qualities of resilience and perseverance are what we are trying to instil in the children we need to make sure that as a team we are able to practice what we preach. Since the fire in the gymnasium last Thursday night I believe that we have demonstrated how we can all embrace challenge as a community.

Dealing with fire has probably been one of the more challenging weeks in my time as Head of Belmont. Following last Friday’s school closure a huge amount of work went on to ensure the safe return of pupils and staff on Monday. Teachers and support staff all pulled together, spurred on by the support of our parents, to get the school up and running.

Another team that were critical in enabling the school to re-open on Monday was the London Fire Brigade. Teams from Finchley, Hendon, Wembley, Stanmore and Mill Hill all worked together to limit the damage to the gym and the adjoining locker room. We are so grateful to all of them for their bravery and professionalism. Green Watch from the Mill Hill branch came to re-examine the site on Wednesday. Their team leader Mark Kilby and others from Green Watch have agreed to give a special assembly to the children next Thursday to talk about what they do. It will also be an opportunity for us all to show our appreciation and gratitude to our local firemen.

I am so grateful to all the teams for their hard work to get us back to normal barring a few changes to arrangements.

One such change was the Year 7 House Drama that was absolutely fantastic last night, held in the Large at Mill Hill. Thank you to Mill Hill for re-scheduling their drama to allow our show to go on. With just a few days of rehearsals the children had limited time and space. All houses were fantastic and I would like to pay tribute to Mr Ince, Mr McBurnie, Miss Greaves, Mrs Russo and Mrs Sulkin for their perseverance and creativity. The results were just spectacular and although all houses should be congratulated a special mention needs to go to Danes brilliant winning performance.