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Wellbeing Week and Exciting Cricket News

Digital Detox

I am going to try to practise what I preach tomorrow and spend a school working day avoiding email as part of our Digital Detox Day. The children are in for a real treat with some creative lessons planned for Friday.  Mr Symes and Miss Hockley have also given the children lots of ideas in their assemblies on how they can entertain themselves at home without relying on the use of technology. The weather is set to be fair tomorrow so that will give the children more options for finding alternatives to screen time.  We will report on the success of Digital Detox Day next week but it would be great to hear some feedback from families on your technology-free Friday night experiences.

Wellbeing Week

Wellbeing Week has been a tremendous success and has been so worthwhile for the children. They learned about posture, healthy eating, stress management with Sophrology and looking after their feet! All the therapists were absolutely fantastic and I am so grateful for the time that they volunteered to help us to raise the profile of wellbeing at Belmont.  This has all been arranged by Michal Sagi and I wanted to say a huge thank you for her hard work and the generosity of both Michal and Noam Sagi in bringing their Wellbeing centre to Belmont. I hope that this is something that we can build on to equip our children with key skills and techniques to help them to be healthy and happy.

Exciting Cricket News – Middlesex Partnership and ECB All Stars

I am pleased to announce that the partnership with Middlesex Cricket is now official and there was a press release today confirming that Belmont and Mill Hill are the new home of Middlesex Women and Girls’ Cricket. This exciting link will present many opportunities for both girls and boys at Belmont. We are hoping to have some Middlesex players involved in our annual cricket festival on Saturday, 12th May.  For further information on this partnership please [CLICK HERE]

I am delighted to inform you that Belmont also has the opportunity to host The ECB All Stars Cricket this summer. All Stars Cricket provides boys and girls from 5-8 years old with eight weeks of non-stop fun. Mr Williams (our cricket mad Graduate Assistant) is going to oversee the sessions with other members of the Sports department.  Year 3 and 4 parents will receive a letter from Mr Williams explaining how to sign up. It is a great scheme that I have signed my own children up to in Hertfordshire; the children love getting the personalised All Stars kit, bag and bat! We will also be opening up this opportunity to local primary schools as we start to reach out more to our local community.

Best wishes,

Leon Roberts