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A Ball for a Wall

The grounds staff and teachers made a tremendous effort to make sure drop off ran smoothly this morning. I would particularly like to thank Ian, Matt and Connor for getting in so early to make sure the site was safe as well as Mr Fleet and Mr Symes for some early morning shovelling. The children had the most amazing time at lunchtime today with snowmen being built and snowball fights permitted under certain regulations and conditions. For some reason I was like a magnet to the snowballs and took even more hits than Mr Fleet! I think we’ve got some great pictures for this year’s Christmas cards.

 A Ball for a Wall

I am delighted to tell you that the tickets for the Ball for a Wall spectacular on Saturday, 8th June are NOW ON SALE . This promises to be another fantastic party and a way to support the campaign for the Belmont Sports Hall at the same time. The campaign is currently at £804,000: a massive thanks to all who have got us to this point. The Ball is a brilliant opportunity for lots more people to be part of the campaign and I am told that the first two tables have already been sold! It would be fantastic if we could get behind the campaign to make the Sports Hall the best it can be for the children. If you have any questions about the Ball please contact development@millhill.org.uk

Amazing Year 5 Creative Learning Project

Year 5 pupils have travelled back 5000 years in time to Ancient Egypt for their latest CLP project and created a fantastic range of posters, mummies and model pyramids. Luca’s efforts below certainly stand out. Made from flat, square pieces of polystyrene, his giant step pyramid opens up to reveal chambers inside. Luca says it took him (with a little help from mum) over 26 hours to build! Alice, too, spent days over her picture of King Tutankhamun’s mask, sticking down hundreds of tiny sequins. It’s great to see such dedication to learning!

Sporting and Chess Success

Brandon Annous was selected to the London region at the forthcoming ISFA National Festival at Shrewsbury School after attending trial sessions through 2018. Only 18 boys were selected out of the hundred that attended. A fantastic achievement!

I’d like to say a big thank to Angela Eyton for running the National Schools Chess Championships last Sunday. Three teams have qualified to the National Semi-Finals taking place in North Wales 8-9 June.

U11A – 2nd place – silver medals

U11B – 3rd place – bronze medals

U9 A – 3rd place – bronze medals

The biggest achievement was having 55 Belmont students participating in 10 teams. Thank you to all the parents who gave up their Sunday to support this event. Chess has never been more popular at Belmont.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Leon Roberts