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The Year of the Pig and digital footprints

Happy New Year to our Chinese families. Miss Harrison launched assembly on Monday with an introduction to the Chinese New Year celebrations and the Year of the Pig before she handed over to Mr Fannon for some wise words on staying safe online. It was Safer Internet Day on Tuesday so there has been a focus in PSHE, Chapels and Assembly about Esafety. In his Chapel, Mr Fannon, our Head of Computing and Digital Learning, made the children THINK about their digital footprint. Showing a picture of his footprints from a holiday in Australia (I was very jealous) he explained to the pupils how digital footprints can’t be washed away by the tide like footprints on a beach.

In the future our children’s digital footprint will carry far more importance in getting a job. This is why, for children old enough to make a digital footprint, they need to THINK carefully about what is posted online. Is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary and is it Kind?

Hindu Temples, Hatfield House and Harry Potter Day

It was a busy week for enrichment beyond the classroom. Year 4 had a fantastic visit to a Hindu Temple and Year 7 had a great trip to the beautiful and historic setting of Hatfield House. On Thursday lunchtime Muggles, witches and wizards alike were invited to the Library for the annual Harry Potter Day celebrations.

The Library Assistants in Years 6 and 8 did a brilliant job of decorating the Library and setting the party vibe. From 12:30 children formed a queue across the Quad to see what all the fuss was about and were treated to activities including a magical treasure hunt, a sock crafting activity and making house-themed door hangers for their bedrooms. There were also plenty of Harry Potter books on offer: something for everyone from complete beginners to keen HP enthusiasts. There will be much more book-related fun after half term when we enjoy Reading Week celebrations.

Thanks to Mrs Hunt for organising the afternoon and for providing the latest library statistics. They show that 55% of boys borrowed books from the library in January compared to 53.7% of girls. Well done boys for breaking the national trend but come on girls – get reading in February!

Belmont Chamber Choir Feedback

As I mentioned last week, the Chamber choir gave a tremendous performance, accompanying a cast of top professional actors from stage and screen, to present a first sharing of a new musical in the making – The Wind Singer. Belmont piano teacher and composer of the musical, Sarah Llewellyn sent some pictures of the audition along with some lovely feedback about the choir from her collaborator, Teresa Howard (book and lyrics).

‘The children far surpassed all my expectations, they didn’t just sing and say the chants we gave them, they really acted the songs and transported us with their atmospheric rendition of the Wind Singer Lullaby.  They were a huge attribute to the showcase and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from all the producers who saw it. ‘

Head’s Commends

  • Jasmyn– For putting in an exceptional effort into the Reading Challenge review
  • Ishan- For putting in an exceptional effort into the Reading Challenge review
  • Anaya – For gaining a Diamond Blue Peter badge for writing a letter to Blue Peter telling them about her new experiences and about singing in the Young Voices concert last year

Parents’ Evening and Afternoon Tea with the Head

It was nice to see many of you at the Y5 parents’ evening on Tuesday and the Y7 and 8 Afternoon Tea with the Head yesterday. The feedback we receive from parents helps us to understand what is important to our families and contributes to how we shape and develop our school in the future. Once we have had our final feedback session with Year 5 and 6 parents we will sum up the main themes raised across all year groups with an indication of our planned action.

Let’s hope that the weather picks up and that we can all enjoy a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes

Leon Roberts