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The Summer Term Heats up

Summer Concert

We have not reached Parisien temperatures today, thankfully, but as the temperature starts to rise in NW7 so the pace of school life has also picked up. Last night, we almost reached a crescendo as we had the most wonderful Summer Concert. The level of the children’s performances was just breath taking. One of our catering team, Iveta, was due to go home following the pre-concert refreshments however she was so transfixed by the first performance that she stayed until the end of the very last piece. Iveta was not alone in being blown away by the quality of our talented musicians, whether they were masterfully playing an instrument, soulfully singing (some their own compositions) or rocking the room as part of a band. All the pupils were amazing and it was one of the best Belmont concerts I have ever seen. More informally, we had Year 3 and 4 music afternoons that I wasn’t able to make in their entirety but Miss Sutherns tells me that the children were exceptional and so many of them participated and had a go. Well done to all of our musical pupils and thank you to Mrs Perrin, Mr Warren, Miss Greaves and all of the music department.

Sports Day

Sports Day was equally stunning on Tuesday with some fantastic athletics and teamwork on display. There was fierce competition between the houses and congratulations should go to the Angles who on the day, by a mere 32 points, claimed their 10th consecutive sports day victory. All the pupils should be applauded for their hard work and their encouragement of one another regardless of house affiliation. We got lucky with the weather and I think everyone had a great time. We even had one or two sporting heroes turn up on the day but Mr Fleet has always been very modest about his swimming achievements! Thank you to Miss Hockley and Mr Davies-Horne and all the sports team for their hard work in making the day so special.

And much, much more…

There have been a plethora of other exciting activities this week and you can find more details of them on our social media channels and in the news section of the website. The highlights have been the Year 3 Egg Race challenge and the Year 2 Grimsdell pupils visiting the Belmont Library.

Year 6 enjoyed a three day visit to France (escaping the heatwave just in time) and Mrs McRill informs me that the children were exceptional. Thank you to Mrs McRill and all the staff for looking after the Year 6 pupils over the last few days.

Our Under 13 Girls’ Cricket team won the Under 13 Girls Berkhamsted Cricket Festival involving 12 other teams yesterday. Their cricket has of a great standard and was only surpassed by their impeccable sporting conduct.

Year 8 have spent the last few days developing their entrepreneurial skills. Tasked with designing and marketing their own products, small groups of Year 8 children have worked hard and developed their creative thinking and business enterprise.  Thank you to Mrs Van Der Westhuizen for all of her energy and passion in leading this worthwhile Year 8 project and to all the parents for supporting us today.

Next week promises to be a fitting finale to the school year with the rescheduled new Year 7 pupil induction taking place, Final assembly and on Thursday Parents’ Day and the Garden Party.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Leon Roberts