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Alchemy Week in Summer School!

Mill Hill Summer School is taking place at Mill Hill International school throughout the summer holiday. The courses are aimed at students who will be joining British Boarding Schools and at those who wish to sample a British education. Courses combine English learning with Mathematics, Science and Sport. These core elements are complemented by a varied programme of creative activity classes including Music, Dance, Drama and Art.

It has been Alchemy week in the Summer School’s Science Department. Pupils have been looking at neutralisation reactions. They made their own indicator using red cabbage. An indicator changes colour when it is added to an acid or alkali. The colour is then compared with a pH scale chart which shows the pH of a substance. Using toiletries brought from home our pupils then investigated the effectiveness of red cabbage vs a universal indicator at testing how acidic or alkaline substances are.

The pupils were excited to put their learning into practice and get hands-on experience in our science labs.