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Decisions, Decisions….

This week our Year 11 pupils are thinking about their Sixth Form choices. Such is the reality of the very intensive One Year GCSE course: no sooner have they arrived, than they are already, by week four, being asked to make decisions about where and what they will study next year.

When I think back to how I made my A level choices at 15 years of age, it was very much based on subjects I liked rather than any clear idea about what I wanted to do with them.

But the choices our pupils face today are much greater. There are many different subjects at A level and it is difficult to choose to study a subject if you have little idea about the content or where it will lead. However, thanks to the team at Mill Hill School, our Year 11 pupils have had many opportunities to reflect on these important decisions. They have met the Head of University and Post-School Guidance, Miss Sharples; the Assistant Head (Sixth Form), Mr Barron, showed then the newly opened Sixth Form centre at Mill Hill School and answered their questions and Mr Baldock, Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning led a useful Q&A session helping our pupils clarify some of their ideas about Further Education in the UK.

That all said, if pupils are in any doubt about their choices, a love of the subject is still a very good reason to continue its study.