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Celebration of Festivals

It’s that time of year when there are many festivals celebrated from across the globe. Being in an International School, where different religions and cultures are brought into our classroom, we are happily enriched by hearing about and celebrating the different festivals.

On Monday, three of our pupils from China and Hong Kong gave an interesting presentation on the story behind the eating of moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. On the same day that Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is celebrated by our Chinese community, Sukkot is observed by our Jewish pupils and staff. In Chapel, as part of Harvest Festival, we were asked to bring in items of food for the Homeless in Barnet – a sober reminder that while we have plenty, there are sadly many who do not. In the coming Monday assembly, one of or teachers will be sharing her celebration of Durga Puja, a Hindu festival, epitomising the victory of Good over Evil but also in part a Harvest Festival.

I am fascinated to learn of how each festival is observed and celebrated, and to learn of the importance of families and friends coming together, reminding me that what unites us is not our differences but our similarities.