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The Joys of Keeping Fit

During Monday Assembly this week, our Sports Ambassadors gave a compelling presentation to all the pupils and staff at The Mount, Mill Hill International explaining the need for sport and general physical activity. One of the Ambassadors had researched into why, particularly at times of stress in the school life such as just before exams, we need to be giving our bodies a release of hormones which not only keep us fit and happy, but also regulate the way we sleep at night.

The presentation came just at the right time as our pupils gear up for the end of term examinations which start on Monday November 27th. It is very easy to neglect our bodies when the mind is so focused on learning, revising and testing. It can almost feel as if we are just walking brains, cramming as much information in as we can. But we forget our bodily needs at our peril; at exam time this is precisely when we need to be making sure we fit in as much exercise as possible.

So hats off to our Sport Ambassadors (and running shoes on); I have renewed my gym membership and I am enjoying the benefits of a better night’s sleep and a better functioning brain.