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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

What an unusual week this has been! Our boarders woke up on Sunday to a beautiful scene with Mill Hill covered in snow. Imagine their joy when they found out on Monday that School was closed due to the icy conditions; Christmas had come early! Fortunately for the teachers, work could be set on the Virtual Learning Environment and pupils were able to work teacherless, which, it has to be said, they accepted with grace. There was a wonderful atmosphere at Mill Hill School while out pupils worked but could also enjoy the delights of snow.

The week was then packed with festivities: House Hogs, Christmas lunches, Secret Santa, Christmas concerts and the end of year Christmas Carol Service and still lessons went on until the very last lesson on Friday. The end of term has now come and despite having been set plenty of homework over the break, the pupils can now, with good conscience, know they have earnt themselves a rest. Here’s hoping they all have a wonderful break with their families and friends and come back well and truly rested for the New Year.

Happy holidays!