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Snow Day

The arrival of snow and ‘storm Emma’ was met with mixed feelings. On the one hand, here is an opportunity to show our grit and resilience by soldiering on throughout the cold spell, keeping lessons and exams going on as usual; on the other hand, while I have a delightful walk to school, enjoying the rare silence descending upon Mill Hill, with the snow muffling all the sounds, my colleagues who live far away journeyed to school yesterday, intrepid, skidding along ungritted roads.

Our pupils were delighted when the snow day was announced yesterday afternoon. The boarders have spent today in a carousel of activities involving revision for the upcoming exams and spending time in the sports hall.

There has been much controversy in the news about over-protective Headteachers in the UK who do not allow their pupils to play in the snow for fear of pupils getting hurt. Hopefully, our boarders will have enjoyed the snow covered grounds in the gardens of their boarding houses where they can slide, make snowmen and yes, even throw snowballs.