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Getting Involved

I am delighted to have returned safe and sound from my charity bike ride* from London to Paris which I completed this weekend. I managed to weave in this event into today’s Monday Assembly and many teachers also shared their hobbies and passions with the pupils. It’s important for pupils not only to see that their teachers have a life outside of school but also that following an interest benefits us is so many unexpected ways.

I am relatively new to the wonders of road cycling and I certainly would not class myself as sporty but this weekend’s activity reinforced just how much being part of a team matters. It is uplifting and heart-warming to witness the way team members all pull together to help each other out through moments of challenge. Climbing the formidable hills of Kent would not have been easy without the collegiate support of the group, all spurring everyone on to get to the top.

In today’s assembly, we learnt how a sense of achievement motivates us to commit to even punishing schedules of rehearsals and practices when the Deputy Head shared with us her passion for singing in a choir. Miss Proudlove’s many performances throughout the UK with Crouch End Choir, including just yesterday evening at the Royal Albert Hall for the BBC proms, is an inspiration for us all.

Of course, what also motivates us to follow our passions is a great sense of fun and this was shown by two of the teachers who enjoy roller skating together. Luckily for our pupils, Ms Delatour and Ms McInerney have set up a club so that they too can join in the fun. When we are studying, especially on the intensive courses we offer, it is important to understand just how vital it is for our well-being to do something that allows us to relax and be in the joyful company of others.

We can also discover interests and talents we might not have otherwise thought about by trying new things in our co-curricular programme. Fortunately for our pupils, between Mill Hill School and The Mount, Mill Hill International there are over 30 activities to choose from every day, so there is certainly something for everyone. I very much look forward to seeing just how many opportunities our pupils take over the term and what new interests and friendships they make along the way.

* The charity bike ride was to raise funds for the gym at Belmont, Mill Hill Foundation’s Junior School. If anyone would like to sponsor the event, click on the link below: