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Student Council

In today’s assembly, we launched the idea of Student Council to our new groups of pupils. For many of our pupils this will be their first foray into the democratic process of nominations, elections and, most importantly, representing their tutor groups.

It is indeed an honour to take on the mantle of being a student rep. I recall when I was asked to represent the staff as a new teacher, working for a language school abroad where teachers were paid by the hour. My remit was to convince management to offer the teachers contracts. Through collaboration, many late meetings, much deliberation and endless discussions our goal was achieved. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and learnt much about compromise, consultation and above all an ability to really listen, not only to my colleagues but especially to management.

Now more than ever, we need to teach our pupils that the art of negotiation is fundamental if we are to tackle any of the major problems facing the world now and in future years. We would do well to start listening before speaking so that we may truly understand the perspective of others.

I am looking forward to having my first meeting with the Student Council. When a school truly listens to their pupils’ voice, there is much potential for exciting development and I am intrigued to see how The Mount, Mill hill International will evolve with this year’s cohort of pupils.