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Teaching and Learning during the COVID-19 Outbreak

I am delighted to write to you after a very productive week of online teaching and learning at The Mount, Mill Hill International. It has been wonderful to see examples of excellent work from our pupils, all operating in different time zones, yet nonetheless managing to stay in contact with their teachers, Tutors, Housemasters and House Parents and, of course, each other. I have been truly amazed at the resilience of staff and pupils in finding ingenious solutions to technological challenges, enabling the move from the physical classrooms at Mill Hill International to the online learning spaces at home.

I find that routine has been my friend during these days of working from home. I am hoping that our pupils have now settled into study patterns which replicate as much as possible a typical school day once the euphoria and the sense of freedom of being at home has worn off. Getting up at the same time, having regular meals and going to bed as we would normally are all important for our general wellbeing. We all miss our lunches lovingly prepared by our wonderful chef, Natalie but hopefully, we are re-connecting with the joys of home cooking. And those pupils who have attended the cookery club over the last few months will be able to contribute to the family meals!

Technology has also been our friend. Thank goodness for the ingenious ways we can teach online, stay in touch with each other and, most importantly communicate in real time. I love the fact that I am discovering something new every day. The ability to share with a press of a button makes collaboration so easy. I think we are more communicative now than we have ever been.

One unexpected consequence of this new way of working is that I have discovered a newfound sense of humour. Not only are we sharing great techniques and ideas but we are also sharing laughter. The MMHI staff WhatsApp group is an eclectic mixture of clever ideas, brilliant tutorials and hilarious musings on the day. I am truly proud to be part of Mill Hill International community.

Wishing you all good health and stay safe.

Sarah Bellotti