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We’ll meet again

It was a very sad day indeed for me as I said goodbye to the remaining pupils at The Mount, Mill Hill International on Friday March 20th. Then, on Monday March 23rd, we were thrust into the new reality of online learning – what a whirlwind of new exciting challenges this presented! Immediately, the MMHI staff set up a WhatsApp group to share tips and tricks of the trade and to boost our morale with funny tales of how everyone was coping with the teaching-and-working-from-home experience. I learnt how to use presentations and Zoom for a virtual assembly.

In the Easter holidays, we began to take stock and get to grips with what the digital learning in the Summer Term was going to look like with eleven different time zones. We investigated the access to online platforms across the globe and soon realised we would have to come up with a brand new plan if we were going to reach every pupil in MMHI. We are now ready and I feel excited to launch the new Summer Term online timetable on Thursday April 23rd.

Over the holidays, I have been making contact with parents and pupils via Zoom and Skype to find out how everyone is and I have been heartened to see everyone in their homes, with pupils looking cheerful and eager to start the new term, even if miles away from each other.

Our DT Teacher and Lab Technician were also busy over the Easter break creating protective visors on the school printers. They have created over 200 to date and hoping to produce 60 a day on the laser and 20 on the 3D printers. The visors are being donated to key workers in need of protective equipment at local hospitals and care homes.

Although I don’t yet know where and don’t know when, I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.

Stay Safe,

Sarah Bellotti